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How To Avoid The Paris Metro Pickpockets

Jun 7, 2013 by     Comments Off on How To Avoid The Paris Metro Pickpockets    Posted under: LowCostTravelandHotelRates - Travel Info Blog

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How To Avoid The Paris Metro Pickpockets

“You may have seen the movie ‘Oliver’ countless times, and you may have been well warned about pickpockets in Paris before arriving.

But the thieves themselves are only getting more devious and more organized.

Just this week, Bosnian national Fehim Hamidovic, was given a seven-year jail sentence for being the notorious ringleader of a gang of young pickpockets in Paris, mainly young girls from Bosnia who were abused and tortured if they failed to bring in at least €300 a day.

The Local has assembled some tricks of the thief’s trade that commuters or tourists need to look out for. Here are ten tips on how to avoid getting robbed on the Paris Metro”.

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